A system that monitors the performance of residential heating systems

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Designed to monitor the performance of residential heating systems, BoilerWatch is a system designed to alert the home owner of potential issues associated with hydronic boilers and forced air furnaces. BoilerWatch can sends SMS and email notifications when these occur.

Fuel Consumption Estimation Module

Provides fuel consumption estimates and sends notifications when the fuel oil level in the tank is low.

Heating Zone Monitoring Module

BoilerWatch can monitor hot water supply or return temperatures to detect unusual or abnormal heating cycles, which could indicate that window has been left open in the middle of winter or a zone valve actuator has failed.

Boiler System Pressure Monitoring

Monitors hydronic system pressure to alert the homeowner of abnormal situation (e.g. wide swings in system pressure, too low or too high) that may require maintenance BEFORE boiler begins to leak.


Web interface

BoilerWatch offers a web interface that allows the homeowner to interact with the system and configure its functionality

The web interface enables you to configure alerts, add contact information for SMS text and email notification when triggering events occur. Through the web interface, the homeowner may also:

  • Access fuel consumption module to update fuel deliveries
  • Review historical data on burner lockouts
  • Point of Contact Management
  • Communication Preferences
  • Sensor Management
  • System Administration




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